Technological advances hurt students rather than help

By Erik Luna Technology has shined its light on a large majority of our lives, but it might not be the best for student’s education. Sure, technology has made our lives easier, with the Internet and smart phones coming in to save the day, but it doesn’t always make life easier. I took Math 227 last semester. Within the first week, I got my book and math XL code, a program…

March 8, 2012

Occupy ELAC protesters fail to understand journalism ethics

By Augustine Ugalde After receiving numerous complaints about an opinion piece directed toward the Occupy ELAC movement, it became clear that the protesters need to be educated about journalistic ethics. Campus News, the journalism department and I have come under heavy criticism for the opinions I expressed regarding some of the protester’s demands. The protesters took their complaints personally, by visiting CN to protest, submitting letters to the editor, posting on…

November 16, 2011