‘Automata’ takes over film

By Jesus Figueroa The sci-fi story of “Automata” puts robots into a future chaotic world as slaves for the humans who were lucky to survive. Lead actor Antonio Banderas has a stellar performance but falls short of being the most exciting part of the film. In a world that has been destroyed by solar flares and only a mere 22,000 people lucky to survive, robots called Automatas live only to…

September 24, 2014

‘Ghost Team One’ delivers laughs, frights

By Jesus Figueroa The horror-comedy “Ghost Team One” manages to put  a realistic feel to a supernatural scenario and makes it enjoyable. The storyline is hilarious and the dialogue seems to fit in just right making this found footage film seem almost real. Directors Ben Peyser and Scott Rutherford said that the feel of the film came from their real life fear. Each time they believed something to be scary they…

October 30, 2013