OPINION: Chinese Restaurants Taste Authentic and Exceptional

By Yuan Wei Mama Lu’s Dumpling House has some of the best juicy pork dumplings in the Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valley area. Chengdu Taste is another popular chinese restaurant that has the traditional Chongqing flavor. There are certain foods and restaurants that gain almost legendary status. Buzz picks up about them, food blogs and TV shows highlight them, and whispers among friends continue. When it comes to Chinese…

December 13, 2017

OPINION: How to manage weight gain or loss

By Adriana Mancilla After graduating high school,” many students” experience “what is called” the “Freshman 15,” a weight gain issue. But some students can gain more than 15 pounds or lose weight. In an article written by Julie Janeway and Haleigh Mistry titled, “Preventing the Freshman 5, 10, 15, 40,”  the Obesity Action Coalition organization website mentions tips to prevent this issue for most college students. The article argues that…

December 3, 2017

OPINION: Food on campus not worth the price

By Michael Dominguez Food should be fresh, taste delicious and have a nutritional value so that students can have energy throughout the day at school or work. Food that  is being reused and reheated from the day before should not be sold at full price. Chances are, that food is going to go bad in a day or two anyway. “Budget meeting focuses on campus food prices” by Steven Adamo…

October 25, 2017

Husky cafe offers more food variety

By Giselle Palomera The Husky Café opened mid-August, making Pacific Dining Food Management Service the sole food service provider for all the nine Los Angeles Community College District campuses. Pacific Dining offers three different kitchen services. The Casa Solana kitchen offers students a variety of Mexican food. The Husky Grill offers burgers, hot sandwiches and other favorites like Pastrami. Block and Barrel offers deli sandwiches and paninis. “Students come to…

September 14, 2017

ELAC’s New Cafeteria Empty of Healthy Choices

By Dylan Dixon An update regarding construction on campus was posted to the ELAC website in June of 2014.  In the update, a section for Campus Student Center/Book Store Complex said the project was approximately 38 percent completed at that time, and the budget for that portion of the campus were to cost $26,565,056.00.   With a $26 million budget, shouldn’t it seem like we should have at least a little…

May 17, 2017