Classic horror film receives television adaptation

By Julie Santiago Fox’s new series “The Exorcist” isn’t a remake, but a smart adaptation of the classic 1973 horror film. Before horror fans get upset and think Hollywood is ruining a classic movie by not doing it any justice, they should give this new series a chance. In this story, the Georgetown exorcism (from the original 1973 film, “The Exorcist”) happened years ago and now takes place in present-time Chicago…

September 29, 2016

‘Last Man on Earth’ proves to be a hit

By Marcus Camacho Saturday Night Live fans may enjoy the new original sitcom “Last Man on Earth,” starring Will Forte, which premiered Sunday on Fox. The show uses the same style of comedy as seen on SNL. The show is set in 2020, one year after a virus killed almost everyone,.The storyline follows Phil Miller, played by Will Forte, the only male survivor. Forte plays an average man who has…

March 4, 2015