Future of LGBTQ athletes looks bright

By Manny Miguel   Earlier this month 24-year-old University of Missouri football athlete Michael Sam made history by coming out publicly as being gay. He broke many barriers that no one would have thought would be broken, and he did it in a sport that is dominated by machismo. Sam made his historic announcement on ESPN’s Outside the Line with Chris Connelly. “I’m not afraid to tell the world of…

February 26, 2014

It takes courage to stand up for LGBT

By Tadzio Garcia    The topic of the civil rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender population is ever current just as it is ever relentlessly under open attack. It’s still socially acceptable to denounce LGBTs. It takes a measure of courage to stand up for LGBTs, that is, their right to be themselves without fear of danger. The United Nations has not convinced its membership of its Universal Declaration…

May 22, 2013

Social worker advocates HIV/AIDS awareness

  By Carlos Alvarez Even after National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day passed, former Elan Steve Sandoval-Templeman continues to educate and provide counsel to all who seek knowledge on HIV/AIDS. “When I was younger, I knew I wanted to mentor young adults. To provide them with a place they felt safe,” Sandoval-Templeman said. At a young age he knew he wasn’t like the kids around him. Sandoval-Templeman said that he…

October 4, 2012