OPINION: Society sets gender roles standards

May 10, 2019

Movies, Television shows, and music are a constant influence on our daily lives, but the gender stereotypes they perpetuate can be troubling. The gender stereotypes that are pushed by the media are then copied by society and it’s doing more harm than good.


Gender neutral bathrooms open on campus

By Frank Portillo In compliance with Assembly Bill-1732, single-use bathrooms have been made available on campus during the 2017 Summer semester. The bill was signed by governor Jerry Brown last September and “requires all single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation, or government agency to be identified as all-gender toilet facilities, as specified. It also “authorizes inspectors, building officials, or other local officials responsible for code…

October 11, 2017

Mandatory gender courses required to every student

By: Melisa Bivian Throughout the school year, students are given the opportunity to attend workshops or events that inform them about gender studies. Unfortunately, only a few students choose to participate in learning more about the problems and solutions that women face in our society. According to the National Women’s Studies Association everyone should have the ability to learn about women and gender. NWSA was established in 1977 and they…

May 22, 2017