Cleanliness Not a Campus Priotrity

By Gil Milanes East Los Angeles College has been improving its buildings, giving the college a better appearance, but it has neglected to keep up with the maintenance. The E7 Technology building that was completed a couple of years ago is a perfect example. The elevators, restrooms and some halls are tagged., Giving it an older appearance than what it actually has. Some classrooms have suffered from water leaks from…

March 21, 2015

Students at risk of losing priority registration

By Gil Milanes More than 25,000 students received an email from the administration regarding the loss of priority registration for the upcoming Winter 2015 section and Spring 2015 semester. Students who will lose their early registration privileges are those who have completed more than 75 nonexempt units, students who have completed over 100 degree applicable units and students who are on their second semester of progress or academic probation. Students…

December 4, 2014

Campus library hours impede students’ needs

By Gil Milanes With more than 30,000 students at East Los Angeles College, the Helen Miller Bailey Library hours of operation and basic students needs are not being met. The college library was recently remodeled with state of the art equipment on both of its two floors, but it still lacks in providing flexible hours of operation for the college students. The library is open Monday through Thursday from 8…

December 3, 2014

CTE fair helps direct students’ futures

By Jade Inglada A variety of department career information and clubs were available to students during the Career and Technical Education Fair last Wednesday in the S2 and P2 quad. The Office of Workforce Education and Associated Student Union hosted the CTE Fair. The purpose of the fair was to offer information to students on the different path options available at East Los Angeles College. This could be achieved by…

October 29, 2014