Lupe’s food earns customers’ loyalty

By Lindsey Maeda Serving up an array of affordable Mexican dishes, Lupe’s #2 has built a loyal customer base that keeps locals and foreigners coming back for more. Lupe’s is located on one of East Los Angeles’ main streets, 3rd St., but it can be easily overlooked.  Its obscure location, sandwiched between two automotive shops, is probably the reason why community-goers may fail to notice it. The lot where Lupe’s is…

November 3, 2011

Big dishes fill small ‘Cocina’

By Amanda Mayberry Big portions and big flavor are what separates Mama’s Cocina on Mednik Avenue from other Mexican restaurants. They give students that are on a budget more for their money. Students could easily get there by train, car, or even walking, though the latter might take a little longer. The walk is about 15 to 20 minutes. The area is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the Gold Line’s Civic…

September 28, 2011