Heat affects students negatively

By Liliana Marquez Last week, California has been experiencing a big increase in temperatures. Summer might almost be over, but it seems as if the closer fall gets, the heat increases, causing people to get violent and aggressive. I always tend to pay attention to my surroundings. Over the last days, I took some time to observe how people behaved under these extreme temperatures because I noticed that I felt…

September 12, 2013

Hollywood brings revenue to ELAC

By Amanda Galindo Recently being hired to East Los Angeles College, Ernest Burnett works hard with administration to bring revenue to ELAC. Burnett serves as a college event and venue coordinator for the school and his position helps bring in revenue by bringing events to the campus such as film and television productions and holding corporate events.┬áNot wanting to become a struggling writer, he decided to move to Los Angeles…

May 16, 2012