#SheDoes helps homeless women

The #SheDoes movement is led by Mel Tillekeratne, a man who is dreaming of a future where all the homeless women are off the streets. “I was at work, and saw that the Women’s March was happening a few blocks from Skid Row… but there was little mention of all the homeless women who were there,” Tillekeratne explained, “I saw all the energy at the march, and I wondered to…

May 16, 2018

Sports give Husky another chance in life

By Jerry Casarez Life has a way of taking unexpected turns without notice at any moment and Chris Floyd has experienced his fair share. For the 25-year-old junior and football standout, life didn’t always look so promising. Floyd, who is better known these days for his contributions as a defensive tackle on last season’s football team, was once a troubled youth who is now majoring in criminal justice. “I want to be…

March 8, 2012