Vampires, gentrification battle against ‘the Bronx’

October 12, 2020

“Vampires vs. the Bronx” is campy and a bit rough, but a fun movie about fighting for and loving your town and friends. The Netflix original film weaves the sneaking vampire invasion of the Bronx along the more obvious gentrification of the borough. This makes for a fun, restrained, horror movie with plenty of in-your-face criticism of gentrification.


‘Ratched’ fails to impress fans

October 2, 2020

“Ratched” is Netflix’s new horror thriller, based on the 1962 villain Mildred Ratched, from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” by Ken Kesey.
The show is produced by the creator of “American Horror Story” Ryan Murphy, and from the beginning it is clear that there will be many gory and possible sexual scenes.


‘Scream’ changes horror genre

By Gustavo Buenrostro Wes Craven’s “Scream” turned the horror/ slasher genre on its head and become a staple in horror. “Scream” is a film about a serial killer going off and killing unsuspecting teenagers. The premise is the same as any other horror film. The difference, however, is in the execution of the film. Most films before “Scream” would advertise a certain actor or actress for their films as the…

May 2, 2018

Horror comedy explores social commentary

By Dorany Pineda  There is nothing standard about Jordan Peele’s brutally smart feature film debut “Get Out,” a comedy horror satire about the African American experience within a white suburban neighborhood. “Get Out” is a social commentary about white racism and the real-life anxieties of the black experience in this country, which, as the film reveals, can sometimes descend into nightmare. The film opens with a scene of a young…

March 1, 2017

Classic horror film receives television adaptation

By Julie Santiago Fox’s new series “The Exorcist” isn’t a remake, but a smart adaptation of the classic 1973 horror film. Before horror fans get upset and think Hollywood is ruining a classic movie by not doing it any justice, they should give this new series a chance. In this story, the Georgetown exorcism (from the original 1973 film, “The Exorcist”) happened years ago and now takes place in present-time Chicago…

September 29, 2016

Dark Horrors come alive in ‘The Witch’

By Dorany Pineda Robert Eggers succeeds in immersing the audience into the suspenseful, horror-driven world of “The Witch” in his debut feature film. Set on a farm in 1630’s New England, “The Witch” tells the story about a supernatural entity that causes a family to tear itself apart. When newborn Samuel disappears under the watch of the oldest daughter Thomasin, played by Anya Taylor Joy, despair and fear closes in on…

February 24, 2016