‘Thor: Ragnarok’ ends trilogy with humorous tone

By Frank Portillo “Thor: Ragnarok” is not only the funniest Marvel movie to date, but is also one of the best at using its universe of characters. It’s a film that beautifully wraps up the trilogy, It is hard not to describe “Ragnarok” as a comedy because of how much humor is involved. But the film also manages to be emotionally moving when the story demands it. The humorous tone…

November 15, 2017

ELAC student shares humor on Facebook

By William Pasillas Contributing Writer William Ernesto Garcia Jr. graces his Facebook followers with his weekly batch of humor known as “Willies Words of Wisdom Wednesdays.” Each Wednesday, with the exception of a few rare occasions, he releases new material on the Facebook page of the same name. It is an advice column, and a soapbox where he points observations he finds funny. Topics can range from economics, to dating or just…

May 23, 2012