Students, instructors need motivation

By Erik Luna It’s tough being a good student and it’s even tougher being a good instructor. As difficult as it is, both students and instructors need to put their best efforts into learning the material and teaching it. Every student has had one of those classes that they can’t seem to concentrate in. As soon as class starts, minds start to wander, notebooks become a blank canvas for the…

May 1, 2014

Instructors, students need to identify textbooks need

  By Erik Luna Instructors need to figure out whether their textbooks are essential to their classes and students need to realize the textbook can make a difference in their grade. Textbooks are a vital part of a student’s success in the classroom, yet some instructors choose to ignore the book and focus on their class lectures instead, leaving students with one expensive paperweight. Participating in a class where not…

May 2, 2012