Sheriffs seek owners of lost money

By Brian Villalba After four months, $300 that was dropped in the P4 parking structure and turned into the East Los Angeles College Sheriff Station has yet to be claimed. The money was dropped in the structure on May 30. The low-resolution ELAC campus security footage showed two unidentified females with items falling out of one of their bags. It isn’t exactly clear what was dropped.  A few minutes after…

September 18, 2013

Police detain suspect in killing

    UPDATED, Oct. 10   By Lindsey Maeda MONTEREY PARK—Bakersfield resident Jose Ruiz, 22, was charged with the murder of Patrick Ortega at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor on Atlantic Blvd, last Saturday night. Detective Steve Blagg of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau said that they are waiting to file charges against Ruiz today. The cause of Ortega’s death was first reported to authorities as a shooting, but it…

October 7, 2012