Gun control should be restricted for safety

By Joseph Recinos No matter how much we protect our children, there is always a chance that some lunatic will come into their school with a barrage of assault weapons and excessive amounts of ammunition looking to end someone’s life. In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, a lot of controversy surrounds the issue of gun control. Should assault rifles be banned? Should hand guns and ammo magazines be…

February 12, 2013

Assault rifle ban doesn’t solve problems

By Brian Villalba Any ban of assault rifles is wrong. A ban would take legislative energy away from solving the real problems with firearms.  The real problems stem from lack of enforcement and lack of regulation. The gun culture in this country can coexist with regulation because most gun owners are law-abiding citizens.  The actual assault is on the Bill of Rights.  The Second Amendment is one of the few…

February 11, 2013

Eager students enhance class

  By Megan Perry   Students at East Los Angeles College sit through a number of different classes, some better than others, every semester. I’ve had some classes that I couldn’t wait to get to, and others I couldn’t wait to get out of. I naturally blamed teachers. Some instructors lecture on a boring topic in a monotone voice leaving students, including me, to not pay attention to what they say….

November 6, 2012

Education in need of Prop 30

    By Augustine Ugalde   Much has been written and said about the virtues and shortfalls of Governor Jerry Brown’s so-called Millionaire’s Tax Initiative. Proposition 30 promises to restore the health of California’s education system by raising taxes on residents whose income exceeds $250,000 per year, and by levying an additional, quarter percent sales tax to all residents. The objective of the proposition is not complicated.  It is a…

October 30, 2012

ELAC journalists take top honors

  By Megan Perry Staff members from the East Los Angeles College Campus News won 11 awards and one contest at the 2012 Journalism Association of Community Colleges Southern California conference. The 2012 spring semester’s ELAC Campus News staff brought home two General Excellence awards, one for the print edition and one for online journalism. The print edition scored a total of 97 out of 125 points in 25 categories in various aspects of…

October 11, 2012

Tax initiative can help stop budget cuts

Editorial Students at East Los Angeles College have seen rising unit fees, new registration restrictions, and now a $5-9 million reduction to the 2012-13 budget. Additionally, the state has increased the cost to attend Cal State and University of California and added limitations on Cal Grants, and the punches keep coming. Specifically, the changes that await ELAC students are significant. In fact, out of the nine Los Angeles Community College District schools,…

May 23, 2012

Services needed for evening students

By Rodolpho Trujillo East Los Angeles College should do more to help evening students. As someone who has a day job, it is challenging to find time to complete my education.  When I returned to ELAC to take some requirements necessary to advance my career, I was working during the evening and therefore found it easier to take classes, get access to instructors and find a place to study. When…

May 9, 2012

Respecting poetry as yourself

By Erik Luna People need to realize that the written word is something to be marveled at not something to be made a mockery of. Students, usually immature teenagers, look down on those who choose to express themselves verbally and intellectually. Poetry and spoken word have risen to some popularity as of late, but there are always those wise-cracking, loose lipped and intellectually challenged people who look down on this…

May 9, 2012

Television’s on a downward spiral

By Erik Luna Since its introduction in 1939, television has influenced the ideals and thoughts of people who glue their eyes to its screen. The $64,000 question is: “Is this a good thing or a bad thing? “ Television shows have plummeted in terms of educational programming. Instead of intellectual content, we have mind-numbing, sex-driven and borderline ignorant reality TV shows. “Jersey Shore,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and countless other drones of…

April 25, 2012

Horror movie offers interesting twist

  By Kien Ha “The Cabin in the Woods,” makes unexpected twists and offers a new perspective into the horror movie clichés. The film, which was directed by Joss Whedon, begins with two technicians (Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford) having a conversation at what appears to be an ordinary work facility. They discuss an unexplained operation that is underway, and head to make preparation. Meanwhile, packing for a road trip,…

April 18, 2012