VPAM cruises back to ’90s youth culture

September 20, 2018

By Luis Castilla Guadalupe Rosales opened her new exhibit, “Echoes of A Collective Memory,” at The Vincent Price Art Museum Saturday. The event extended beyond VPAM as NU MINIS, VW Clan and Lady Volks parked their cars in between S1 and S2. “Echoes of a Collective Memory” contains a collection of symbolic artifacts and photographs that represent what the ‘90s youth culture of Latino/a’s in the Los Angeles area was…


Breaking the barrier for transgender Latinas

By Jasmin Morfin On Nov. 20 Bamby Saucedo (an activist and advocate for transgender Latina women) gave a presentation on ELAC’s campus for the Yo Soy Trans Latina event. Salcedo has been recognized nationally and internationally as an activist and advocate. Using her personal platform, she has become a community organizer and social justice advocate for transgender Latina women. She has been recognized for and has been awarded locally and…

November 28, 2017