Keane sings life experiences

By Alexandra Trejo After four long years, Keane released their newest album “Strangeland” on May 8, which combined melodic harmonies with expressive lyrics and is anything but strange. With 17 tracks on the album, it begins with that classic Keane sound which includes pianist Tim Rice-Oxley playing in the background as Tom Chaplin leads with vocals. The sounds of the piano in their fourth album are definitely more audible and…

May 22, 2012

Hopeful author, Elan overcomes disability

By Cristina Galvan Lizbeth Gutierrez does not let her disabilities get in the way.  She uses her faith to stay strong and help others. Twenty-two-year-old Gutierrez was born with cerebral palsy. Growing up, one of the hardest things she had to endure was being told by others that she could not do certain things, because she has a disability. This constant put down led Gutierrez to fall into a depression that…

December 7, 2011

Unchartered 350-2-SH club promotes healthy environment

By Jane Fernandez 350-2-Sustain Humanity, an unchartered club aims to not only become a part of the student’s life, but a part of the world. The club’s mission is to “bring education and awareness to people about the benefits and importance of living a sustainable life style,” as said in the club’s mission statement. “We are stressing the 350 because this represents the limit of parts per million of CO2…

September 28, 2011