District indecisive on food vendors for cafeteria

by Daniela Jalteco East Los Angeles College will not be provided with a food vendor for the Student Center cafeteria. Over several years plans have been discussed to have food vendors for all of the nine schools in the Los Angeles Community College District, but it  has been challenging to do so. LACCD is made up of nine schools: Mission College, East Los Angeles College, Pierce College, Southwest College,Trade-Tech College,…

October 6, 2016

Staff, faculty evaluated for accreditation process

By Ivan Cazares The second draft for East Los Angeles College’s Self Evaluation summary is due Monday as part of the ongoing Accreditation process, and will be reviewed during the summer. One hundred and ten faculty and staff members have completed an online workshop to help ELAC with its accreditation process. The workshop explained the basic accreditation process. Every seven years the schools in Los Angeles Community College District go…

May 15, 2015

Prevent plagiarism and spare your paper

By Amber Paramo East Los Angeles College library offers a variety of workshops throughout the year, one of them being on how to cite properly and avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s work and failing to give credit to the source. A person’s work can range from written articles, essays, books, websites and direct spoken words. Amy Guy is part of the Helen Miller Bailey Library personnel and is…

December 4, 2014

LACCD to implement new online student system

By Maria Isidoro and Cynthia Laguna The Los Angeles Community College District is going to implement a new Student Information System in all nine district colleges starting November 2015. The SIS, known as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), is being replaced with Oracle PeopleSoft campus solution system. This new system provides the newest technology for students, faculty and staff to easily access all nine-district colleges student information data. The system will…

October 16, 2014

ELAC’s South Gate campus changes plans, relocates site

By Ivan Cazares Plans are being finalized for the a new location for East Los Angeles College’s South Gate campus. This building will replace South Gate’s current educational facility which is being leased by Los Angeles Community College District. The use of a leased facility is a disadvantage for the college because it will not receive additional funding. ELAC plans to have the new campus reach satellite center status before…

October 1, 2014

Construction at East Los Angeles College undergoes important changes

By Maria Isidoro Construction at East Los Angeles College is undergoing major changes with the addition of three new buildings. ELAC President Marvin Martinez said that two of the buildings will be available for use fall 2015. The Student Success and Retention Center at the center of the campus, will stand at five stories and contain about 130,000 square feet. “When this building is completed, it will be the largest…

September 17, 2014

ELAC South Gate changes plans

By Jose Cazares East Los Angeles College has been planning to relocate its South Gate campus since 2003, the new campus is now scheduled to be finished by 2019. A plan to purchase a building was approved in 2003 however the building was later deemed unsuitable. In 2009, ELAC purchased an 18.5 acre property located across the street from the South Gate campus using Los Angeles Community College District bond…

March 19, 2014

Students should consider other schools in LACCD if classes are full

By Brittney Garza As Fall semester comes to an end, many students are struggling to get the classes they want for the Winter and Spring 2014 semester there may be an easier way. Some students may not now that East Los Angeles College is a part of a larger network of nine schools composing the Los Angeles Community College District.  Application and acceptance into any one of the colleges in…

December 4, 2013

LACCD terminates Mission College project manager

By Brian Villalba Accusations of billing fraud and violations of California Law led to the termination of Los Angeles Mission College Project Manager Nick Quintanilla. More than $600,000, in one instance, was awarded to fictitious businesses owned by Quintanilla. Los Angeles Community College District took steps to mitigate the loss of taxpayer bond funds that included voiding of contracts, termination of Quintanilla and the suggestion of submit evidence to the…

February 13, 2013

Winter registration begins early for Elans

By Juan Lepe   Students of East Los Angeles College stood in line outside the main admission office last Wednesday to register for the upcoming winter session 2013. The students’ enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration, when they found out that their first and second choices were already full and closed by 12:30 pm. Students received an email with a registration appointment date and time, from Nov. 14 to 16. Students…

November 26, 2012