Play receives standing ovation

By Javier Lopez  The play, “Mariela in the Desert,” got a standing ovation on opening night thanks to the actors’ beautiful performances and perfect stage direction. It is a charming play filled with anger, tragedy, despair, love and sacrifice. These themes come together in one house in the middle of the desert, where dreams are dried up. “The desert is God’s canvas” repeats Vance Valencia during his performance in Mariela…

November 8, 2016

Local play ‘Mariela in the Desert’ representative of Latinx communities

By Javier Lopez  A new play by Karen Zacarías will have its Los Angeles debut on Friday, at CASA 0101, hoping to bring Latinx and women representation to the arts. The word Latin(x) is a neutral way of saying the word latino or  latina, and helps make the term inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community. The play is called “Mariela in the Desert” and has been critically acclaimed by the Washington Post. Zacarías…

November 3, 2016