Let’s subtract math from the graduation equation

Having math courses be required to graduate is wrong and it’s not helpful. At East Los Angeles College (ELAC), one of the requirements needed to graduate is to complete Math 125 or higher. These higher levels of math are usually very complicated and will serve no purpose to most students in their everyday lives. I’m a person who is not the biggest fan of math; in fact, I passionately hate…

December 2, 2019

New building brings changes, math and science building joins the ELAC campus

By Gustavo Buenrostro East Los Angeles College has completed the latest addition to the campus with the new math and science building. “The building is nice. The open space makes it feel less like a community college and more like a university. It’s fancy,” said student Vivian Reyes. Reyes also says that the lighting makes students more motivated to study and come to school. Students in science classes especially appreciate…

September 14, 2016

Math holds students back: Valid complaints or just student excuses?

By Gustavo Buenrostro Many students constantly struggle in math and the majority of them put blame on the teacher. However, teachers don’t necessarily seem to be the problem. In fact, students are usually the ones to blame for their low and even failing tests, whether they’re in math or another subject they struggle with. Students even admit to their own failures as a student. Some might say, “They’re not taking…

April 13, 2016

Learning Center offers Elans tutoring opportunities

By Ashley Leon The Learning Assistance Center offers many subjects to tutor people and has been a place I have benefited from in my time here at East Los Angeles College. Not only are they attentive to student needs, but also give a full hour of one-on-one tutoring. Most centers offer one subject to focus on with groups to tutor at a time. Only a half-an-hour of tutoring per session…

May 16, 2014

Professor helps students through technology

By Desiree Lopez Students at East Los Angeles College are unaware of the free services they can obtain; one of them is Professor Daniel Judge’s math streaming videos. About seven years ago former college president, Earnest Moreno, and vice president, Dr. Richard Moyer, asked Judge if he wanted to be a part in creating a distance learning math courses for students to use online. The purpose was for students traveling on…

November 27, 2013

Former student transfers out-of-state due to math struggles

By Augustine Ugalde Current Arizona State University student, Anastasia Landeros is a familiar name to many journalism students and to the administrators and faculty at East Los Angeles College. Landeros first attended ELAC in 2004 at the age of 16, while still a student at Alhambra High School. Landeros transferred to an out-of-state university because of the math requirements at ELAC. “I would still be at ELAC if it wasn’t for Arizona…

May 23, 2012

Not all majors should take math

By Augustine Ugalde Once again the big, ugly monster that calls itself the Math Department has shown its true colors and eliminated several students from moving forward with their lives. My Intermediate Algebra, Math 125 class had more than 120 aspiring students crammed into an auditorium-sized classroom hoping to either add or complete this required course at the beginning of the semester. Eight weeks later, that number is down to approximately…

October 19, 2011