Eating during class

Students should be able to eat during class. Professors should not set the rule to not be able to eat or have drinks in class. Some professors have that rule because they might not want the classroom to get dirty or messy. Others set that rule for reasons they do not disclose as to why. Every student has a different schedule for school and what goes on in their lives. Some have…

December 4, 2019

Campaign focuses on food certificate program

October 12, 2018

By Andrew Ayala  East Los Angeles College’s Transforming Lives Campaign’s latest focus is the food certificate program, which provides students in urgent need of meals. The TLC was founded by the ELAC Foundation and its main purpose is to assist students who encounter sudden emergency situations, such as hunger. “Our Foundation board discussed creating a program to support our students around hunger, homelessness, transportation and clothes; we declared those were…


ELAC’s New Cafeteria Empty of Healthy Choices

By Dylan Dixon An update regarding construction on campus was posted to the ELAC website in June of 2014.  In the update, a section for Campus Student Center/Book Store Complex said the project was approximately 38 percent completed at that time, and the budget for that portion of the campus were to cost $26,565,056.00.   With a $26 million budget, shouldn’t it seem like we should have at least a little…

May 17, 2017