OPINION: Students lack media literacy skills

By Anastasia Landeros Media Literacy should be a required course throughout the United States’ education system so students can critically sort through all the information available to them. Media literacy is knowing how to access, evaluate, analyze and create different forms of communication. The decline of media literacy has caused a massive drop in empathy and has hindered society’s ability to grow. The term “media” has been distorted in the…

October 25, 2017

OPINION: Television programs become better than films

By Francisco Portillo The vast landscape of television programming today has far surpassed the quality of storytelling in films. As televisions upgrade, so does the programming that is made available for consumers. Some of TV’s greatest characters aren’t so black and white. Instead, they live in the grey area between hero and villain. HBO’s drama “The Sopranos” was the first to contain such a character as its lead protagonist in…

September 20, 2017