New regulation gives little time to decide major

By Megan G. Razzetti East Los Angeles College will require incoming students to declare a major upon completion  of 15 associate degree applicable units starting fall 2015. This is completely unfair for  not only new students, but students who currently attend ELAC simply because people change their minds. As a part of SB 1456 or the Student Success Act of 2012 implemented by California Community Colleges, incoming students will be…

December 10, 2014

Cart drivers make campus unsafe

By Megan G. Razzetti The common scene at the college involves heavy foot traffic with the hustle and bustle of students and staff traveling from one place to another. Among them numerous golf carts with irresponsible drivers behind the wheel, putting students,staff and faculty at unnecessary risk. The golf carts that many of the staff and faculty members at ELAC have the privilege of using are often seen impatiently rolling…

October 22, 2014

Sheriffs detain unidentified armed man

By Megan G. Razzetti An unidentified man was detained by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department after allegedly being on the East Los Angeles College campus with a knife this afternoon between the F7 and E7 buildings. The suspect was not a student according to Sheriff Alex Tiscareño. He was taken to the East LA Jail for booking. Tiscareño said this wasn’t the first incident with the suspect. The suspect was…

October 8, 2014

‘Yes Means Yes’ Bill changes sexual assault investigations

By Megan G. Razzetti Governor Jerry Brown recently signed SB 967, also known as the “Yes Means Yes” bill, changing the way sexual assault is investigated on college campuses in the state of California and how consent is defined. According to section one of the bill, the focus is mainly of “affirmative consent,” meaning all persons involved must have ‘affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. It…

October 8, 2014

ELAC students need better shuttle service

By Megan G. Razzetti For some East Los Angeles College full-time students, staff and faculty, a 12-hour school day is nothing unusual. Taking the Gold Line home is such a great and safe way to get home. However, who wants to walk 13-minutes from ELAC to the actual station when we have a shuttle service that can take students? Although that sounds like a lovely way to get home after…

October 1, 2014

Interpol’s album release fails to meet expectations

By Megan G. Razzetti Interpol returned from a four-year hiatus with the much anticipated new album “El Pintor” released on September 9. “El Pintor,” which is an anagram of the band’s name, gives listeners the sound of heavy synth-infused songs packed with the iconic crooning of lead singer Paul Banks. After a long hiatus and the departure of bandmate Carlos Dengler, Interpol produced a not-so-spectacular album. The fresh track list…

September 24, 2014

Karen O releases successful solo album

By Megan G. Razzetti The eccentric Karen O has released her intimate first solo album “Crush Songs” giving her fans a peek into her diary. Unlike O’s day job as frontwoman for the explosive band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs where many electronic elements are packed tightly into each song, “Crush Songs” is much more simple. Released on Julian Casablancas’ of The Strokes newly formed record label Cult Records, this solo…

September 17, 2014

Elan motivates others to succeed

By Desiree Lopez Making paper rockets go up into the air is just one of the ways East Los Angeles College student Albert Venegas motivates children to understand the sky’s the limit. Venegas is the Engineering Club Vice President, and provides children and their parents fun and challenging activities every Saturday on campus. Events like “Noche de Ciencias” (Science Night) promote higher education, where parents and students can attend workshops…

May 21, 2014

Student awareness is key to safety

    By Megan G. Razzetti College campuses are supposed to be safe learning institutions for students to comfortably work on their education. They can also be hot spots for sexual assaults whether it be in a public location, after an evening class or during a campus sponsored event. All students should be aware of this potentially serious threat that can exist on any campus. East Los Angeles College has…

April 24, 2014

Folk returns through ‘Non Typical’ release

  By Megan G. Razzetti Chuck Ragan released his fourth solo album on March 25, refreshing classic folk sound that gives a new generation of music fans a taste of the past. Ragan, known for his rough vocals in the band Hot Water Music, has made a name for himself going solo.Taking his punk roots and adapting them to the indie folk genre has helped the heavily tattooed and younger…

April 17, 2014