Raising minimum wage will damage the economy

By Gil Milanes Increasing minimum wage sounds appealing to most people earning low wages, but it actually harms more than it helps. There is no point of increasing minimum wage when everything will go up. The illusion of earning more money is facetious. Most people agree that minimum wage should be raised. The idea of earning more money and having extra money on the side sounds very fascinating. What people…

April 12, 2017

Fight for minimum wage increase has merit

By Alfredo Garcia Legions of underpaid workers have been trying to get a $15 raise for about two and a half years and counting. Fast food workers have been complaining that they do not make enough money to survive working in fast food restaurants for the wage of nine dollars an hour. Low-wage workers went on a strike on April 15  for a $15 an hour. Not only this is…

May 20, 2015

Minimum wage denies students’ basic necessities, causes problems

By Helen Trang The minimum wage should be raised and the prices of the items shouldn’t change. In California, the minimum wage is $9 per hour as of July 2014 and the living wage is about $11.37 for one adult. This only includes food, medical, housing, transportation, monthly income, annual income and annual taxes. It doesn’t take in account how much people have to pay for their student loans. Most apartments…

December 3, 2014