Justified or tragic?

By Amanda Mayberry Early Monday morning Steven Rodriguez, 22, was gunned down, many are saying unjustly, by Monterey Park police officers. The shooting took place outside of Carl’s Jr. located across the street from campus at the busy intersection of Cesar E. Chavez and Atlantic. Rodriguez was shot about ten times at point blank range by police officers while students as well as employees and customers from the restaurant and other…

January 26, 2012

Police kill pipe-wielding assailant in Carl’s Jr. parking lot

  By Erik Luna A Hispanic man was shot and killed today by Monterey Park police officers at the Carl’s Jr. parking lot located near East Los Angeles College. The unidentified man came into and out of the restaurant quickly, returning shortly thereafter carrying something that resembled a pipe and began breaking the restaurant’s windows. The man bashed-in windows from the outside of the restaurant, which caused customers and employees to rush out….

January 23, 2012