Holidate not a Christmas classic film

December 11, 2020

Netflix’s “Holidate” is a good movie to watch if there’s no new interesting options. It is however a little predictable and has some obvious punch lines. This film is about two individuals who are tired of being single on holidays.


Hulu’s “Run” was Predictable

December 3, 2020

“Run” had the potential to be an exciting quarantine movie with a crazy twist, unfortunately this thriller was anything but unpredictable. But with many plot holes and extreme predictability, the acting stands out as spectacular.


‘Mulan’ remake lacks magic of original

September 17, 2020

Disney’s 2020 remake of the animated classic “Mulan” is a rushed film that does nothing for fans of the original, nor for people who were hopeful for something new. The film tries to take a new direction but is constantly held back by the changes made.


‘The Hunt’ reflects American issues

March 25, 2020

Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures released the action packed thriller “The Hunt” on video-on-demand, giving audiences something fun to watch while home. COVID-19 has changed the way audiences consume media so some companies are giving their movies a chance to survive by releasing them online. “The Hunt” is among these movies.


Nostalgia reinvigorates ‘Halloween’ franchise

October 27, 2018

By Juan Calvillo Michael Myers and Laurie Strode return for a slasher that rewrites the history of the “Halloween” franchise into something fun and forward thinking. Acknowledging only the 1978 horror movie that started the franchise, 2018’s “Halloween” continues the struggle between the boogeyman Myers and the object of his murderous obsession, Strode. From the onset, this film gives longtime fans of the horror genre the sense of nostalgia, using…


Flashing back to the ‘Mid90s’

October 26, 2018

By Andrew Ayala Jonah Hill makes his directorial debut with the moving visual masterpiece “Mid90s.” The film, which feels like a bold blast from the past, follows Stevie, played by Sunny Suljic, a 13-year-old boy who spends his summer searching for himself away from his broken household and trying to find a deeper purpose of life. He winds up finding his place skateboarding with neighborhood locals and learns that the…


‘Assassination Nation’ critiques society

September 26, 2018

The premise of“Assassination Nation” is simple. It uses the backdrop of a high school in the city of Salem, Mass. as a way to be inclusive to the many issues plaguing society as a whole. The four main leads do well in their roles, but Odessa Young as Lily and Hari Nef as Bex are the standouts. Their characters go through the most harrowing and intense moments in the film.