NAMI advocates mental well being

By Jesus Figueroa   The National Alliance of Mental Illness Club attempts to get students aware of mental wellbeing through an art contest. “Culture and mental well being” was chosen by the majority vote of club members as the theme for the “NAMI on campus art contest.” The contest is open to all students on campus. The top three winners will get gift cards from Michael’s. First place will get…

March 19, 2013

Respecting poetry as yourself

By Erik Luna People need to realize that the written word is something to be marveled at not something to be made a mockery of. Students, usually immature teenagers, look down on those who choose to express themselves verbally and intellectually. Poetry and spoken word have risen to some popularity as of late, but there are always those wise-cracking, loose lipped and intellectually challenged people who look down on this…

May 9, 2012

NAMI hosts poetry reading to bring awareness to mental illness

By Maria Gonzalez and William Hernandez Students had an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings through poetry this past Wednesday. NAMI on Campus, a student chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Illness, gathered in the open space between P2 and S2 buildings to let students recite poetry. Students were able to recite their own or the work of others. Part of the mission of NAMI on Campus is…

April 25, 2012