The healthy food crisis occuring on our campus

By: Gisselle  Palomera The Grab n’ Go on campus promotes unhealthy eating habits and limits healthy choices. With available food such as microwave burritos, instant ramen and chips, students’ only options are to eat unhealthy. Martie Trevino, a first- year East Los Angeles College student, said, “I think there definitely needs to be better options, for example more vegan options or even just healthier options and not just microwave food.”…

May 22, 2017

New facilities open at Student Center

By Stephanie Guevara The new Campus Student Center provides students with easier access to facilities, space to study and to eat. The Student Center opened for students on Monday.  Final construction work was finished during spring break. The Health Center and the Associated Students Union moved to the Student Center. On the second floor, ASU has its own conference room. These two facilities were formerly located in the G8 building….

April 13, 2016

New cafeteria threatens food truck’s future

By Darlene Galvan The future is uncertain for Malibu Bagels Food Truck once East Los Angeles College’s upcoming student center opens. On a daily basis the food truck serves more than 100 customers according to Marla Fuentes, manager of the food truck for the past two years. A great majority of students and faculty have a larger variety of food selections directly across Collegian Avenue and in the Atlantic Square…

December 4, 2014