Play portrays modern tale of Adam, Eve

“The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” begins with Adam and Steve in a bold new retelling of the Bible. Topics such as religion, sexuality, relationships and Aids come to light in a society that hates change and values conformity above all else. The play premiered on Friday in the Proscenium Theater. The doors opened to a handful of people excited to visualize a gay modernized version of Adam and Eve,…

December 2, 2019

Touring theatre travels, entertains

  By Erik Machuca   The tradition and communal service brings the East Los Angeles College Touring Theatre back this spring with an old-fashioned drama to perform at local senior centers. Since 2003, ELAC Touring Theatre has provided students with performance experience and an opportunity to give back to the community. Every year the show travels to elementary schools and senior centers in the area. James Buglewicz, instructor of Theatre…

March 6, 2013

Two students plays tackle misogynistic themes

  By Oliver Blanco Filled with emotions and convincing acting made Friday’s opening of “Ain’t Nothin’ Good About the Good Ol’ Days” and “Mothers” two plays worth watching.  “Ain’t Nothin’ Good About the Good Ol’ Days,” written by Sonny Rubio and directed by Will Pellegrini opened with an image of “The Andy Griffith Show” projected on the floor of a dark living room. A bright red light shined on the…

April 25, 2012