Play portrays modern tale of Adam, Eve

“The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” begins with Adam and Steve in a bold new retelling of the Bible. Topics such as religion, sexuality, relationships and Aids come to light in a society that hates change and values conformity above all else. The play premiered on Friday in the Proscenium Theater. The doors opened to a handful of people excited to visualize a gay modernized version of Adam and Eve,…

December 2, 2019

‘Chavez Ravine’ reveals historic construction of Dodger Stadium

By Kevin Camargo The play, “Chavez Ravine” offers a special experience in the history of Dodger Stadium and the communities that came before its construction. Not only does the play educate the audience, but it also offers humorous, satirical and poignant scenes that go well together. The play sold out on opening night on Friday. It had three shows last weekend. “Chavez Ravine” starts off with the opening game for…

May 23, 2018

‘Lend Me A Tenor’ delivers big laughs

By Steven Adamo Quick dialogue mixed with chaotic scenes make ELAC’s Theater Arts department’s rendition of Ken Ludwig’s “Lend Me a Tenor” hilarious and enjoyable. The play takes place entirely within a two-room hotel suite in 1930’s Cleveland. Designed by ELAC Theater Arts staff Tesshi Nakagawa, with the assistance of Mio Okada and Katherine Cordero, the set was beautifully crafted and sprinkled with decorations reflective of the time. Garrett Witzl…

December 6, 2017

Theatre department address everyday issues in performances

By Jesus Garcia The Theatre in the Community program is a program for students from all backgrounds who with their interest in theatre want to help their community in some way.   It is a free program where students  tour elementary schools/daycare centers with children’s theatre productions, ‘brown bag’ lunchtime performances at senior centers, food banks and events throughout Los Angeles County. The program is led by ELAC’s very own…

December 4, 2017

Love misguided in ‘Blood Wedding’

By Frank Portillo “Blood Wedding” could have been a great way to spend the holiday season, but the play fails to overcome mediocrity due to weak performances and a lackluster ending. The latest Theater Department production follows two characters that are in love with each other but are being pulled apart by society. Leonardo is married with a child but still lusts over the character known only as The Bride….

October 25, 2017

‘Blood Wedding’ debuts Friday

By Frank Portillo The first play of the semester, “Blood Wedding,” is set to debut Friday. The play is based on a story by Federico Garcia Lorca from the ‘30s and is meant to be a commentary on society at the time of its inception. “Blood Wedding” focuses on Leonardo, played by Michael Herrera, who falls in love with The Bride, played by Miriam Menendez, despite the fact that she…

October 18, 2017