GMO in food destroys public health

By William Hernandez Remember that old saying: You are what you eat? With the new and unhealthy types of food concoctions created through genetic modification, it may be time students start rethinking that old cliche. Thanks to ever-changing biological technology, it is now possible to take the genes of a tomato, and insert those genes into a zucchini (and vice versa) presumably to create a heartier zucchini that sells faster…

March 26, 2014

Know your food: Vote ‘Yes’ on Proposition 37

  By Brian Villalba   Proposition 37 is being framed as a choice between genetically enhanced food and food that doesn’t have genetic enhancements. The reality is that Proposition 37 has very little to do with genetics and everything to do with showing the public what they are eating. If people are presented with a choice of knowing what is in their food, or not knowing, then it should be…

September 20, 2012