Students balance parenting and online classes during pandemic

The world quickly caved in on many East Los Angeles College students who balance their time between coursework and children due to pandemic. Maria Fernanda Rodriguez, 24, like many parents, copes with the little free time she can get. Between cooking breakfast, and logging in to her zoom sessions, lunchtime quickly approaches and she is back in the kitchen to make a meal.

December 3, 2020

How to succeed in college

By Augustine Ugalde Many East Los Angeles College students go through a daily routine that includes juggling work and school in order to survive in the world. The demands for academic and professional success can be burdensome, but some find the chase exhilarating. The question is why do we put ourselves through such a grind when we could settle for much less in our lives? Reducing hardships that cause stress would probably…

October 26, 2011

Students should take responsibility

By Augustine Ugalde East Los Angles College does a great job in preparing students for the next step in their academic careers by adhering to the stringent rules set by state lawmakers. The California Department of Education is entrusted with ensuring that each educational institution in the state satisfies minimum academic standards for transfer, graduation and beyond. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges also has a hand in making sure…

October 19, 2011