Strokes contrasting songs hint at diverse album

By Gustavo Buenrostro Seven years after their last full-length album, The Strokes released two new singles from their upcoming album “The New Abnormal.”  The first of the singles titled “At the Door” was released to the public on February 11, debuting at Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire political rally the day before. The song has a very somber tone with a heavy use of synths as the lead sound in the…

March 3, 2020

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ hindered by bad visuals

Juliett Maria Villegas Sonic the Hedgehog boomed into theaters on Valentine’s Day 2020 and it surely captured America’s heart fast.  This action packed, comedy-adventure film is about an extraterrestial hedgehog named Sonic seeking asylum from a rival tribe on his home world. After ignoring his caretaker’s request to hide his supersonic speed and thus being exposed to danger,  Sonic travels to earth with only a bag of teleportation rings, forcing…

March 2, 2020

Play portrays modern tale of Adam, Eve

“The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” begins with Adam and Steve in a bold new retelling of the Bible. Topics such as religion, sexuality, relationships and Aids come to light in a society that hates change and values conformity above all else. The play premiered on Friday in the Proscenium Theater. The doors opened to a handful of people excited to visualize a gay modernized version of Adam and Eve,…

December 2, 2019