Consider others while smoking

By Ashley Hernandez   Smoking on campus should be banned for good. At the main campus, here at East Los Angeles College, there are smoking areas for smokers, but the smoke still roams around and out of the designated area. So what is the point of the designated smoking area? There are pregnant women on campus along with people with asthma, and there will always be people with these conditions, so…

November 21, 2012

Smoking ban does more harm than good

  By Sergio Berrueta Smoking in colleges has not been a problem for years, but lately colleges and universities across the nation are constantly implementing a smoking ban. This trend may be taken as a good thing and (East Los Angeles College) has already taken a part in it. Students are clamoring to find out why implementing a smoking ban is being considered. The main reason is to keep a safe…

October 10, 2012