Club readies to tour Italy

By Miguel Dominguez Students can explore the cities of Italy with the East Los Angeles College  Study Abroad Club during spring break in 2019. The club will be traveling through the cities of Florence, Sorrento, Pisa, Pompeii, Rome, and Venice. The club studies international politics, global sociologies, and world history. The club traveled to Amsterdam and Paris earlier this year during spring break. During the trip,  attendees learned the challenges…

October 20, 2018

Study abroud club will travel to Italy

By Susan Lorenzana The Study Abroad club aims to study the politics of freedom, of assembly, self governance, liberty and democracy. They also aim to study human rights, freedom of religion, self-expression, women’s liberation, and LGBT awareness. Students explore the challenges of human trade, body trafficking, sexploitation and the administration of justice from global and international perspectives. During the trip, the club discussed human rights issues during tours to places…

June 3, 2018

OPINION: Students missing study abroad opportunities

March 1, 2018

By Julie Santiago Students should take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities we have at ELAC. Traveling is less expensive and more possible than most probably think. There is financial help for college students and most study abroad programs at ELAC provide additional help like fundraising, scholarships, and                                          …


Summer study abroad students to explore Paris

By Rogelio Alvarez The East Los Angeles College Modern Language Department is offering students an opportunity to study abroad in Paris next summer. The program is being offered through a collaboration between other schools within the the European Studies Association. “The nice thing about our program is that (students are) there for the month of July. They live like Parisians in a very nice, upscale, safe part of Paris. It’s…

November 16, 2017