OPINION: Fight the urge to disconnect

Spending too much time on social media platforms affects the grades of students at East Los Angeles College. When students are alone, they avoid their surroundings with the use of social media. They put their headphones on and watch videos on YouTube. This all seems harmless until it starts to affect student’s ability to stay focused on their coursework. ELAC students constantly stop working on library computers to browse social media.

May 16, 2019

OPINION: Library etiquette 101

By Melody Ortiz The rules of behavior in a library should not be ignored just because there is no sign implementing them. The East Los Angeles College campus library does not have a code of conduct sign posted anywhere in sight, or any sign indicating how visitors should act within the building . However, the knowledge of behavior in a library is something that is assumed of any college student….

September 20, 2017

Required curriculum needs overhaul

By Megan Perry Every other school day, I walk into my earth science laboratory class to see bored students who don’t want to be there, but suffer through the class anyway because they must. Before class, I can hear students griping and groaning about how much they hate the class, can’t stand the work and just wish it was over already. As I walk to my seat, I see some students…

May 23, 2012

Students need to take advantage of campus offerings

  By Dulce Carrillo Eat, shower and sleep is usually what happens when getting home from school and work. It is sometimes difficult to study and do homework at home especially when your parents want you to do chores, run errands, or just put the volume higher on soccer games and telenovelas. Yes, our parents want us to go to college and become successful, but they don’t understand that there…

May 2, 2012