ELAC theater department hosts Chicano Moratorium art show

East Los Angeles College’s Theater department hosted “Meet the Cast” before premiering “EAST LOS….R I S I N G 1970-2020, THEN & NOW”, in honor of the Chicano Moratorium.
The show’s director Cristina Frías, ELAC’s first-ever Hispanic to join the Theater Arts department’s full-time tenure track, said that the 50th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium inspired her to create the project.

February 9, 2021

Theater Arts Department succeeds in “Spoon River Anthology” play

November 20, 2020

While nothing compares to seeing a play live, the East Los Angeles College Theater Arts Department did not fail in delivering a powerful and relevant adaptation of “Spoon River Anthology.”
Director David Laird Scott said there were no in-person rehearsals for this production. Instead, all the performers recorded their scenes individually.


Greek tragedy to come to upstairs theatre

March 14, 2018

By Francisco Portillo “Antigone,” the latest play on campus, is set to open on Friday at 8 p.m. in the P2 Upstairs theater. The latest production from the Theater Department is being directed by David Laird Scott. The story, which was written by philosopher Sophocles, is a family drama that questions the basic rights of human beings when presented with laws created by man. The main cast of characters are…


Theater to present women centered war drama

By Roslin Ojeda  “The Accrington Pals,” written by Peter Whelan in 1981 abd based on a battalion during World War I, will be showcased by the Theater Department. The battalion was also from the town of Accrington which is located in Lancashire, England. The play will be directed by Kelly Hogan, who is an Intro to Theater professor and has directed other plays on campus. Hogan said the reason she…

April 12, 2017

‘Metamorphasis’ transforms from classic story to stage play

By Francisco Portillo The Theater Department’s first play of the semester is “The Metamorphosis,” by E. Thomalen based on a novel by Franz Kafka. The play is about a hard-working man named Gregor Samsa who supports his family, played by Christopher Magallanes. He wakes up one day mysteriously transformed into a dung beetle. His family tries to get rid of the hideous insect, unaware of the transformation that has taken…

March 8, 2017