School Boy Q aims to bring back gangster rap

By Damien Guzman School Boy Q’s “Oxymoron” delivers with a gangster south central sound, while keeping today’s stylish hip hop tone. “Oxymoron” is highlighted by songs, “Collard Greens,” “Break the Bank,” and “Man of the Year.” The track “Collard Greens” is a fast paced beat that features Kendrick Lamar. The beat is catchy and has a different sound to it, forcing flows to be quick and on point. The song…

March 6, 2014

Wolf displays Tyler’s creativity

By Diego Linares Tyler, the Creator’s newest album, “Wolf,” has reached success as he not only raps but continues his venture as a producer. The 18-track full length album is the third of this young artists catalogue and has been one of his best selling since its release on April second. “Wolf,” has sat atop Billboard’s Top Rap Albums but has recently dropped to number four after spending two consecutive…

May 29, 2013