Students with disabilities struggle in ELAC

By Johanna Caleron A major problem in the E7  building is the elevator because it’s the only elevator working. The other one doesn’t work and makes it really difficult to be on time for class, because some students don’t give space for someone in a wheelchair to get in, so the wheelchair-bound student has to wait until the elevator has fewer students. In the past, if both elevators didn’t work,…

March 23, 2016

All disabled students should be properly accommodated

By David Rios East Los Angeles College Disabled Students Program need to have their services available all day, because not all wheelchair users have powered chairs and they also need a way to get around faster. I am a student at ELAC who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. I realized that most wheelchair users on campus have powered wheelchairs, which allows them to move around easier. I do not…

May 20, 2013